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Bandit icon.pngBandits are hostile humans that spawn in camps that contain a handful of tents and raid your colony. They will steal your Commodities during attacks. Slain bandits will drop their weapons. You may then click on the weapon and claim it if it's one you want. At that point it will be added to your Commodities and a colonist will go and get it. Once it is put into a stockpile, it will be available to your soldiers.

A bandit wearing armour resembling that of real-life Australian bushranger Ned Kelly may be seen in the Alert window illustration, and as a participant in raids. When a Bandit Raid event occurs, a Bandit Camp and a number of bandits will spawn some distance from the colony, and a notification icon will appear, allowing the player to select their response. The inhabitants of a Bandit Camp will only raid the colony once; bandits who return to their camp will not leave it again, although they remain hostile indefinitely.

Bandit gangs have procedurally-generated names, similar to the names of a Colony's Work Crews. When they first spawn on a map, the colony Administrator will be given the option of setting policy - broadly speaking, peaceful co-existence, or aggressive conflict. This choice, in turn, may lead to resource sharing, or increased bandit raids, respectively.

A bandit may also want to leave behind their savagery life and defect to The Queen. Doing so, if you have a truce with the particular gang the bandit is leaving from, will often break the truce and give the player a choice to either turn hostile towards it or hope that it comes back around.

When a bandit is killed, the player has an option to bury the bandit in the graveyard. Doing so will make the player gain respect of the bandits and they may offer a truce later. If all the members of a gang have been rid of (by either killing them, or them leaving the gang), the player will be notified that they have seen the last of this particular gang. This will give you an opportunity to loot commodities from their tents.


There's a 50% chance an armoured bandit will spawn in a raid. Furthermore there can be no bandit raids on day 1, and only a minimum sized one on day 2.

A colony may choose to fight the bandits, or let them peacefully rob your Stockpile. Choosing not to fight will lower Prestige by one.

"Your sprockets or your life."

Major Raids[]

In case of the major bandit raid event all of the bandits in the area will group up and cooperate to raid the colony.

A colony may choose to fight the bandits, or let them peacefully rob your Stockpile. Choosing not to fight will lower Prestige.