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Alpha 50F
Version Date 19 May 2016

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Alpha 50E Beta 51

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Alpha 50F on
  • updated "?" box tutorials to match current UI for workshops
  • re-added spice rack recipe to carpentry workshop
  • added hunger and safety QoL
  • shuffled around some of the recommended decor modules in buildings
  • building footprint display code rewritten, ensuring module access points and other useful geometries always show up correctly.
  • jobs menu will flash if too many jobs currently exist
  • FIXED: "Flatten Terrain" will now always flatten terrain to the height of the starting location, rather than the square that is closest to the top left corner of the map
  • FIXED: skillup wouldn't update skill level display in character info panel
  • FIXED: logs from burnt timber weren't usable
  • FIXED: barracks tutorial assuming you had build a barracks if you assigned someone to your starting NCO
  • FIXED: made it so repair jobs can't be interrupted by people who want to gossip